23D4 Distributor assembly #

Reproduction Lucas 23D Distributor The original performance distributor as fitted to most British high performance and racing cars from the 1950s and 1960s. This distributor has been faithfully recreated whilst being subtly upgraded for improved performance and reliability. Due to the increased scarcity of good original units and the poor quality of alternatives available on the market, Crosthwaite and Gardiner have completely remanufactured the distributor and re-engineered it to the highest standards. Bespoke die cast aluminium body, faithful to the original design whilst incorporating key improvements for strength around the clamp area and the provision for mounting an external condenser. Needle roller lower bearing, ballrace upper bearing and lip seal improve shaft support and remove play and wear associated with original bush design. Four and six cylinder top shaft and cam carefully recreated and precision engineered to eliminate points bounce and ensure ignition timing accuracy. All units are manufactured as standard with 10 degree total distributor advance (20 degree total engine advance). High quality points mounted on a bespoke baseplate ensuring that the points are ideally positioned relative to the cam. Externally mounted high quality, large capacity condenser. Improved condenser reliability as a result of being mounted in cool air and using the distributor body as a heatsink. Manufactured and assembled by Crosthwaite and Gardiner, each distributor is calibrated on a distributor tester to optimum advance curves mapped on our engine dyno. All units are supplied with complete instructions and the individual advance curve.
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Part number 23D4
Description 23D4 Distributor assembly # 
Group 90 - Electrical 
To Fit Lotus, Cooper, Coventry Climax FW & FPF 
Weight 0.700000 Kg