Coventry Climax

As Climax FPF and FW series engines reach the end of their service life, owners often prefer to preserve the historic value of their original unit by racing a brand new Crosthwaite and Gardiner equivalent.

Thanks to years of steady development, the performance and reliability of our Climax engines are boosted by dozens of incremental improvements such as CNC-optimised porting, revised cam profiles and valves, modern heat treatments and surface finishes.

Typically, a customer may bring us a car with its original engine, which we remove for preservation and replace with a new Crosthwaite and Gardiner unit. The car then undergoes a comprehensive shakedown before being handed back to the customer ready to race - a full turnkey service.

We supply parts as well as complete new engines - in kit form for your own engine builder to assemble, if you prefer. And for owners who are prepared to expose their originals to the stresses of racing, we also rebuild original engines and carry out machine work such as replacing liners and setting gear mesh.