Automec silicon DOT5 brake fluid 500ml

Automec’s performance silicone DOT 5 brake fluid repels moisture so, unlike standard polyglycol brake fluid, it never needs changing. Rust and corrosion are inhibited because moisture is kept out of the system and the high boiling point of 260 degrees C is maintained throughout the life of the product therefore ensuring consistent, safe performance. Thanks to this, Automec silicone brake fluid lasts the lifetime of your vehicle, never needing to be changed. It will also not damage your paintwork if spilled and will not easily catch fire in the event of an accident. Made in the USA and used exclusively by the US military in their light vehicles, silicone brake fluid conforms to the US DOT5 standard. Pure silicone brake fluid will essentially eliminate brake system wear and corrosion for at least 70,000 miles with service periods in excess of 100,000 miles being feasible.
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Description Automec silicon DOT5 brake fluid 500ml 
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